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    Beef Nuggy

    Hey Guildos,
    My name is Beefnuggy. I’m pretty bad at PoE because of life and stuff, but once in a while I have a good idea. I’d like to share an idea for what I’d consider and OP farming team.

    The guts:
    I want to form a team of decently survivable dps toons. Spike damage isn’t an issue because nobody will be culling. Instead the dps toons will use Southbound gloves and never freeze. Only the mfer can kill. Everyone else is free to dps all they like.

    The benefits:
    Obviously the fact the mfer will kill 100%. Every last trash mob. But also, if you’ve every been on a purpose based farming team, it can feel lame. You get yelled at for too much dps or running too far from culler. This will be different. We’ll be faster than other farming teams and overall more powerful.

    Want to join?:
    Not so fast…there are a couple catches. First, you need to use Southbound gloves for nokill. Second, you can’t have a build that freezes anything (swap in ele focus?). You could likely use your current toon with a little tuning.

    I’m waiting…I’m watching…


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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