This is a rough draft until proper guidelines are drawn up.

  1. Discussing politics are fine, as long as you use common (or not so common) sense. Remember that no matter what position  you hold, or no matter how right you think you are, there will be someone out there with a different opinion then yours, and that someone is just as certain as you are. As long as you are discussing, and not devolving the conversation there will be no problem.
  2. Racial slurs of all and any sort are not accepted. The general rule of thumb would be, “don’t say anything you wouldn’t say in the workplace.” This is true regarding matters of the sex as well.
  3. Trolling is a way of life of for some, fun in small doses for others, and downright annoying for the rest. Please keep this mind, we are not against trolling, as long as its not excessive or harmful. The only caveat is if someone asks you to please stop, please respect their wishes.
  4. Buying and selling via the guild chat is allowed, but only under specific rules. We used to allow this openly, but it quickly became rather annoying with all the spam. If you are missing a item, and are  perhaps wondering if a fellow guild member possesses such an item, you  may ask once, and if anyone does have, they will reply with a PM or they will just say in guild chat “xfer”.
  5. This brings us rather nicely to the guild tabs. While we have plenty of tabs for the moment, (Quick shoutout to Ninja for sponsoring most of them) many of them are hidden unless needed. If you feel that we need another tab, PM Moldy Dwarf our erstwhile and amazing leader, and if he agrees with your need, he will be happy to add them. There are certain tabs that will always exist though. There are two twink tabs, and a xfer tab. DO NOT FILL THE XFER TAB, this is to be used strictly for transfers between guild members. The twink tabs however can be filled with anything you think may be of use to other people. If  you wish to take from the twink tabs, feel free but remember that you are not the only member of the guild.